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I was born in Western NY in the late 1930s and grew up in an environment which hardly exists anymore, a rural small town. Work brought my wife, Carol, and I to Portland Oregon in 1961. Now retired I worked in product design as a Hardware Engineer and Engineering Manager through January 2004.

Over the years I have worked with sheet film cameras, roll film cameras and 35mm cameras. Since discovering digital photography the film cameras mostly collect dust in my closet. I have given away my enlarger and darkroom equipment. The computer gives me more control over the creative process than the darkroom and the results are far more immediate.

Several years ago Carol and I attended the Great Oregon Steam Up in Brooks, OR. While there we took in the threshing exhibit and I was hooked. As a boy I remember when threshing was an annual event which brought the neighboring farmers together to separate the grain. This was the first time in over 50 years that I'd seen an old threshing machine in operation. Since then we've attended threshing bees in Cowlitz, WA, Colfax, WA and Dufur, OR as well as revisiting the one in Brooks. On the accompanying pages you will find photos from these events.

With family back in NY and Ohio, Carol and I have taken our fair share of cross country driving trips. On each one we try to spend some time off the Interstate Highways where we can experience and record the country experience. On these pages you will find restored grist mills, Montana ghost towns, Arizona gunfighters and sunsets, old mining headworks, abandoned factories in the rust belt and scenery from across the country.

My photographic objective is to allow you to visit, vicariously, a time and place no longer easily accessible where life moved at a slower pace and people lived closer to the land.

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